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it is in the second postwar period that has beginning, in Vigevano, the manufacturing firm of machine for the footwear industry. The trimming machines are born for sole were developed. The footwear market, that national, becomes particularly more and more demanding, so much that the footwear industry, begins to hear the necessity of machines with particular characteristics. You owes the study to the mechanical ability of Mr. Felice Rossi, the development, the realization, and subsequently the brevet, of a new and innovative trimming machine for shoes, simple of use and above ali very fast. This al so receives great success near the footwear industry foreign. They are produced in fact trimming machines for all the world. To this first trimming machine they come subsequently placed side by side other models of machine for the workmanship of the footwear, also them commercialized to world level. It is born so the demand of new working spaces, so much that in 1982 a new center is built. Today the center of the Silpar extends him on an area of around 1.800 square meters in Viale Commercio, to the doors of Vigevano, and its market is purely foreign, with well sixtyfour aims all over the world sale and retailers.
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